Mark Venzke's Chocolate Cab

Chocolate Cab is the cab in which passengers can win chocolate for correct answers to questions!

Call Chocolate Cab at 352.575.5823.

Mark the Cab Driver operates Chocolate Cab in and around Gainesville, Florida on Thursday through Sunday nights from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. the following mornings.

Chocolate Cab is a clean and spacious mini-van that comfortably seats seven passengers.

You can learn about Chocolate Cab at

Mark the Cab Driver does as much business as he can with locally owned and socially and environmentally responsible businesses.

Mark works to conduct his business in an ever more socially and environmentally responsible manner. Mark biodegrades or recycles as much as he can of the waste that he produces. He uses as little water as he can to wash his cab. He uses as environmentally friendly and health-friendly cleaning products as he can to clean the interior of his cab. Notably, on Earth Day 2011, Chocolate Cab made history by becoming the first and only carbon neutral cab in Gainesville and, perhaps, in all of Florida! (See certification of the mitigation of the emissions of Chocolate Cab at

Mark the Cab Driver is an independent contractor who drives for Gator Taxicab Company, which is locally owned by Teodoro Niera of Gainesville. The cab that Mark drives--that Gator Taxicab owns and that bears the markings of that company--is Chocolate Cab.

Mark is also known as the Concierge On Wheels as he informs passengers of local attractions and current local events, and he makes recommendations for and reservations at Gainesville-area restaurants and motels.

Chocolate Cab is equipped with a personal navigation device that uses geo-positioning satellite technology, so Mark can reliably and efficiently navigate to the starting and ending points of passengers' trips.

Chocolate Cab will continue to be the leader in high-quality and responsible cab transportation in Gainesville.

Mark the Cab Driver delivers safe, professional and courteous service to passengers wherever they need to go whether it is to a local restaurant or to a distant airport.

Chocolate Cab--the sweetest ride in Gainesville!

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